Automate Sales and Quote Accurately

Our AI models trained on satellite data provide accurate assessments of lawn size, road conditions, and driveway damage. This ensures that the quoting process is based on reliable information, minimizing errors and avoiding costly surprises.

By automating the assessment and quoting process, our platform saves businesses and organizations valuable time and resources. Quoting tasks that once required manual inspections or site visits can now be completed efficiently using our AI-powered technology.


Municipal Building Compliance

By proactively monitoring roof line data, municipalities can ensure compliance with building regulations, protecting public safety and preserving the integrity of their communities. Additionally, identifying unpermitted structures can lead to increased revenue through the enforcement of fines, permits, and fees.

Our platform seamlessly integrates with existing municipal systems, such as GIS databases and building permit management software. This streamlines the workflow by automatically cross-referencing detected roof line changes with permit records, providing comprehensive information for compliance enforcement.


Environmental Monitoring

We utilize AI algorithms to detect and analyze environmental changes, including land degradation, coastal erosion, and urban expansion. By monitoring these changes over time, our platform helps identify areas at risk and supports environmental conservation and planning efforts.

Our AI models can be trained to use satellite imagery to monitor forest health, detect deforestation, assess biodiversity, and track changes in land cover. By providing real-time and historical data on forest conditions, our platform supports forest management efforts, aiding in conservation, sustainable resource planning, and combating illegal activities.


Agriculture Use Case

 Our platform is designed to empower farmers, agronomists, and agricultural organizations with advanced tools and insights to optimize crop management, improve productivity, and ensure sustainable farming practices.

AI can be trained to analyze satellite imagery and monitor crop health. By assessing vegetation indices, identifying stress factors, and detecting diseases or pest outbreaks, we provide farmers with real-time insights into the condition of their crops, enabling timely interventions and optimized resource allocation.

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